Delivery Solutions

Premium pizza delivery bags, catering backpacks and hot food delivery bags

Cement your brand identity by customising you delivery bags.

With no minimum order quantities, you can have any size, any shape, in any colour, with or without heating pads, with or without your personalised brand logo selecting from a wide range of options to suit your business’s delivery requirements.

  • Stiffened or soft sides & bases
  • Robust Nylon or Cordura fabric construction
  • Double stitched for added strength
  • Customise with your Logo
  • With or without heat pads
  • Custom colours available click here to view the options
  • You choose the dimensions
  • Magnetic or Velcro flap closures
  • Docket pouches
  • Space for sides as required
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Thermal delivery bags and backpacks designed for pizza boxes

Constructed in soft light hard-wearing outer fabric which can be hand washed.

We offer either a soft passive or semi-rigid thermal delivery solution, with various pizza box capacities:

  • up to five 33 cm pizza boxes
  • up to four 40 cm pizza boxes
  • up to ten 33 cm pizza boxes

EPP insulated boxes of every conceivable shape and size

Simple delivery solution with temperature controlled boxes for transportation or storage of food

  • Suitable for all types of food – hot, cold or fresh at temperatures of -20oC to +120oC
  • The high insulation capabilities helps to reduce energy consumption
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Waterproof inner surface
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Dishwasher safe
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Warming Cabinets to keep your pizzas tasting as if they just came out of the oven

Do you want to keep your pizzas tasting as if they just came out of your pizza oven, then the Kip-Uorm Standard Cabinet is the solution.

To prevent the pizza getting cold and the texture becoming chewy due to the water content in the pizza, the Standard Cabinet is thermostatically controlled so the temperature remains constant until switched off or reset, meaning that pizzas maintain a temperature of 60oC, even after 20 minutes.

Image of Kip-Uorm Standard Cabinet

The revolutionary premium delivery solution for hot food

  1. Preserve oven / cooker fresh integrity from your premises to the customers’ dinning table, helping you to improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty
  2. Improve your efficiency by making more deliveries on a single run, thereby saving time and helping to reduce costs
  3. Reach more customers by being able to expand your delivery catchment area
  4. Use REDBOX as a marketing tool to differentiate your business from your competitors
  5. Use it for delivering any takeout food items from chips to pizza, to rice or noodle dishes, and so much more.

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