Gelato Tools and Accessories

Image of 3.5 Litre stainless steel gelato pan

Gelato Pans

3.5 Litre 18/10 stainless steel gelato pan.

Dimensions: 36 cm x 16.5 cm x 8 cm

image of Gelato spatula with PP wood effect handle

Gelato Spatulas

26 cm Stainless Steel 18/10 gelato spatula with choice of handles:

  • transparent acrylic (PET) handle
  • PP wood effect handle
Image of Flavour Marker in the shape of a flower

Flavour Markers

Food safe flavour markers.

Options available:

  • Starter kit with 25 black Flavour Markers (9 cm x 24 cm) with one white chalk marker
  • Bundle of ten injection moulded black Flavour Markers (21.5 cm x 10.2 cm)  in the shape of a flower.

We also supply coloured liquid chalk pens which are ideal for adding the flavours of your gelato, sorbet, etc. onto these Flavour Markers.

Image of set of 7 coloured Chalk Pens

Chalk Pens

Liquid Chalk Pen with round tips.

  • Individual pen available in white.
  • Set containing 7 colours  – Red, Light Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, Fuchsia

Ideal for writing your flavours on your flavour markers or bag closers.

Image of Bar Organiser Cup Holder(6153)

Gelato Cup Holders

Laser Cut Bar Organiser made of food grade transparent PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate). Available in 3 different configurations:

  • Small cup holder – 13.5 cm x 41 cm single stack (SKU 6147)
  • Large cup holder – 16 cm x 41 cm single stack (SKU 6148)
  • Rotating cup holder – 28.9 cm x 16.9 cm multistack (SKU 6153)
Image of a selection of Professional Spatulas

Professional Spatulas

Options available for Professional Spatulas:

  • 35 cm White Softgel Rubber Tipped Professional Spatula with rigid PP handle
  • 33 cm White Softgel Rubber Professional Spatula without rung with with rigid PP handle
  • 31 cm x 6.2 cm Injection moulded Rubber Spatula with blue handle made of food grade ABS Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene
Image of Professional Gelato Stirring Ladle

Stirring Ladles

35 cm one piece white nylon professional stirring ladle

Image of 40cm 16 wire stainless steel whisk


40 cm, 16 wire Stainless Steel professional hand whisk with black PP handle.

Image of 3 Litre measuring jug with closed handle

Measuring Jugs

3 litre graduated PP measuring jug with open handle and tone-on-tone double scale in relief.

A jug lid suitable for use with the 3 litre graduate jug P951/D sold separately.

Image of Bag Closer and Bag Closer in use

Bag Closers

A white polypropylene (PP) Bag Closer with rounded edges to help prevent spillages of opened bags of products such as sugar, chocolate nibs, sprinkles, etc.

Fold over the opened side of your bag of product and slide the closer along the folded edge as demonstrated in the gallery images.

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