Gelato Ingredients

All natural, no additives, pre-mixed bases, pastes and toppings. Gluten free and vegan friendly options too.


Starting with a unique neutral gelato base, whatever ingredients you choose to customise your gelato, you will end up with a creamy silky gelato, thanks to these additive free bases.

Options include:

  • 1.12 Kg Fruit Base
  • 1.12 Kg Lemon Base
  • 1 Kg Extreme Plus Base which is a low sugar, low fat complete base
  • 1.5 Kg Cocoa & Chocolate Sorbet Base


100% natural ingredients will enhance the quality and consistency of your gelato with all the goodness of nature concentrated in these gelato pastes.

With no additional additives, flavourings or colourings, Essenza pastes bring all the properties of premium quality raw materials to your offering in a range of exception flavours. This allows you to perfectly realise whatever recipe you have in mind.

Options available:

  • 3 Kg Peanut Paste
  • 3 Kg Premium Pistacchio Paste – a toasted Sicilian pistacchio paste
  • 3 Kg Vegan Vanilla Paste
  • 3 Kg Vegan Caramel Paste
  • 5 Kg PGI Hazelnut Paste – a pure PGI Piemonte hazelnut paste


Using only high-quality raw materials from a controlled supply chain the 12 kg of 74% Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Cacao is free from emulsifiers.

Combine with other ingredients to create authentic and original gelato flavours, not only in gelato making, but can also for creating superior quality confectionery products.


1.5 Kg Meliga Biscuit Crumble is an Italian shortbread biscuity breadcrumb ideal for use as sprinkles on gelato and other confectionary.

Sour Black Cherries in syrup – all the yumminess northern Italy has to offer.

The Amarena Sour Black Cherries in Syrup is a collaboration of infinite sweetness which adds that special element to your gelato.

Gluten free and vegan friendly, only natural ingredients can be found within the 3.2 kg ring-pull tin.

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