Nemox Gelato Machines

Nemox Gelato 5K SC Crea i-Green

The Nemox Gelato 5K SC Crea i-Green is designed with production programmes as well as storage programmes. Once a production programme selection has been made and the machine started, you don’t have to worry about anything as once production is finished it automatically switches to the desired preservation mode.

It can produce 1.25 kg (1.75 litres) in 12 – 15 minutes which is equivalent to 5 kg (7 litres) per hour.

Production programmes:
  • Gelato Classico
  • Semi-soft Ice-cream
  • Granita
  • Shock freezing
Storage programmes:

Four specific storage programmes are available depending on the different needs and characteristics of the product.

In manual mode, the operation of the compressor and paddle are independent so as to make the most user’s experience. The storage function can be started if deemed necessary. To prevent compromising the mechanical functions of the machine, an electronic device stops the paddle when the consistency of the preparation is excessive. The cooling system will continue to run until it is manually stopped.

Accessories included:
  • A gelato spatula
  • A removable insert set
  • A gasket set
  • A brush for cleaning the drain opening

Nemox Gelato Chef 5L Automatic i-Green

The Nemox Gelato Chef 5L Automatic i-Green is a semi-professional, table top gelato machine. It has been specifically developed for restaurants and small businesses who wish to include the production of homemade gelato, but have a limited budget while still aiming for quality standards.

It can produce 1 kg (1.5 litres) in 20 – 25 minutes which is equivalent to 3 kg (4.5 litres) per hour using either the fixed bowl constructed of 18/10 stainless steel or in the handy removable bowl (also stainless steel with a handle).

Manual Mode

In manual mode the user has full control of the machine’s functions. An electronic system controls the density of the ice cream and stop the paddle when the consistency gets hard while compressor keeps working. At this point the user can decide whether to stop the machine or switch to the automatic storage mode.

Automatic Mode

In automatic mode, machine’s functions are controlled entirely by the sophisticated electronic control system.
Simply activate the storage switch. The production cycle will star and, when the ice cream will be at the right consistency, the storage cycle will be activated.

A dedicated software manages to start and stop the mixing paddle and compressor depending on the ingredients’ density in order to keep the ideal consistency for serving. In order to always enjoy an excellent ice cream, we recommend to store the ice cream in the machine for maximum 8 hours.

Accessories included:
  • A 2.5 litre stainless steel removable bowl
  • A spatula
  • A measure cup
  • Removable inserts set for fixed and removable bowl

Nemox Gelato NXT1 i-Green

Gelato NXT1 i-Green An eco-friendly heart for our fully automatic household gelato machine

The Nemox Gelato NXT1 i-Green use only ecological gas with GWP Global Warming Potential, (capacity to retain heat of the various greenhouse gases) practically equal to Zero. Gelato NXT1 i-Green is an ice cream machine full of technology. Just touch a button on the touch screen panel to activate it.

A sophisticated software reads information from density sensors and temperature probes and, based on these parameters, through an algorithm automatically adjusts the thermodynamic system, freezing motor, ventilation motor and manages storage.

There is no need to adjust anything, or supervise the machine. Gelato NXT1 i-Green does it all by itself!

Gelato NXT1 i-Green makes 1 Kg (1.5 lites) of gelato, sorbet, frozen yoghurt, in 15-20 minutes (10-20 portions) in either the 1.7 litre fixed bowl or 1.7 litre removable bowl.

The machine is equipped with a Pause function. Each time the mixing paddle starts a warning tone beeps twice.

Preparation times and storage phases are set automatically by the machine’s software, in conjunction with monitoring the temperature of the room and the density of the mixture.

The progress of the preparation is indicated by the gradual lighting of the LED on the TIME LINE bar.

At the end of the cycle, or when the preparation has reached the consistency established by the software, the machine automatically switches to the storage phase.

The storage phase is indicated by the lighting; all LEDs of the TIME LINE bar, and the central LED of the DENSITY CONTROL bar.

With DENSITY CONTROL BUTTON you have the possibility to select 5 different levels of storage, from the softest to the most compact to enable you to store the Gelato at the ideal temperature for a maximum period of 8 hours, after which the machine switches off automatically.

The machine automatically manages the paddle and the cold system during the storage phase. Gelato NXT1 i-Green has the possibility of making your gelato in either the fixed bowl or the removable bowl (which can be washed in a dishwasher). Both the fixed and removable bowls are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, which is hygienic and scratch-resistant.

Thanks to its thermodynamic system, NXT1 i-Green ice cream allows you to obtain a double quantity of ice cream and in half the time compared to the competition!

Accessories included:
  • A 1.7 litre stainless steel removable bowl
  • A gelato spatula
  • A measuring cup
  • A paddle for the removable bowl
  • A paddle for the fixed bowl
Technical Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 100 cm x 45 cm x 36 cm
  • Weight: 35.6 Kg
  • Rating: 220-240V 50Hz/1-200W
  • Manual Defrost

Nemox 4 Magic Pro100 i-Green


The Nemox 4 Magic Pro100 i-Green Nemox is a compact table top gelato storage case, specifically designed to meet the needs of those who, having limited space, are looking for the quality of gelato storage. The structure is made of stainless steel.

The preservation of gelato is guaranteed by a perfectly insulated double-walled refrigeration cell. The lid in the unit area is also doubled-walled. A counter-lid in technopolymer material is coupled to the tempered glass lid, creating an air-insulated gap.

This technical solution allows perfect transparency in correspondence with the trays in order to make the gelato in storage visible.

The temperature in the unit is kept constant and even thanks to air flow created by a fan. To avoid cold dispersions, the airflow generated by the fan cuts off automatically when the lid is opened.

The electronic programmer, with display, enables the user to select the storage temperature within the programmable range, in order to hold gelato at the correct temperature. The operating temperature is preset between -10°C and -16°C.

The green “heart”, highlighted by the design, allows the storage counter to operate in an ecological, more efficient way, saving electricity while respecting the environment. Removable cord.

Accessories included:
  • 4 x 2.5 litre Gastronome gelato trays
Technical Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 100 cm x 45 cm x 36 cm
  • Weight: 35.6 Kg
  • Rating: 220-240V 50Hz/1-200W
  • Manual Defrost
Image of i-Green Technology logo

Green Technology

ICE GREEN is the project designed and implemented by Nemox to help protect the environment by eliminating greenhouse gases, harmful to the environment, from domestic and professional equipment. Why this change?

Greenhouse gases currently commonly used in refrigeration systems are among the main causes of global warming. These gas, called hydrofluorocarbons (HFC), have a potential impact on the environment hundreds or thousands of times higher than carbon dioxide (Co2): 1 kg of traditional refrigerant gas, for example R404, has an equivalent emission index (called GWP) equal to 3,922 kg of CO2.

This means that 1 kg of refrigerant dispersed in the atmosphere is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of a car that travels about 40,000 km. (limits 2021)
Thanks to the production of the i-Green series machines, Nemox has anticipated the actions required by Europe regarding the reduction of greenhouse gases to remedy global warming.

Our goal is to promote a new sustainable business concept in harmony with the environment.

The gas selected is R290 which has a GWP index equal to 3 units of CO2 equivalent.

It’s a NATURAL, ECOLOGICAL, EFFICIENT Gas. The advantages of the i-Green NEMOX line are:

  • Reduce the impact on emissions by 99.95%. (As an example: a Nemox Domestic Machine loaded with an HFC gas has a potential emission equal to 90 kg. of CO2 equivalent. The same machine loaded with R290 has a potential emission equal to 9 grams of CO2 equivalent.)
  • Use a totally natural gas that does not require further transformations, saving energy.
  • Use less quantity of gas with lower pressures and consequently less wear.
  • Improve the performance of the thermodynamic system with reduction of preparation times.
  • Reduction of energy consumption

The changes do not concern only the technology of the machines, we also wanted to identify them with a new design that highlighted their “green” heart.

We have extended the concept of eco-sustainability to the materials used, giving priority to those that are recyclable at the end of their life and using recycled or recyclable materials, water-based prints and natural glues for packaging.

With the new Nemox i-Green machines it will be possible to produce excellent homemade gelato with energy savings while respecting the environment.

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