Gelato Consumables

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  • Image of Bag CloserImage of Bag Closer and Bag Closer in use

    Bag Closer

    1.23 inc. VAT

    A white polypropylene (PP) bag closer with rounded edges used to help prevent spillage of opened bags of products such as sugar,

  • Image of Essence logo. Supplying Gelato Pastes,Gelato Bases, Cacao & Biscuit Crumble


    29.85 inc. VAT

    12kg of 74% Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Cacao uses only high-quality raw materials from a controlled supply chain. It is ideal for gelato and other confectionary.

  • Image of Gelato Cardboard CupsImage of Opaque White 250 cc Cardboard Cup

    Cardboard Cups

    3.628.86 inc. VAT

    Round Cardboard Cups either Opaque White or Milky pattern in 80cc, 170cc or 250cc or octagonal 300cc with Wonderland pattern for serving Gelato, Sorbet, etc.

  • Image of set of 7 coloured Chalk Pens

    Chalk Pen

    5.9243.12 inc. VAT

    Non-toxic opaque Liquid Chalk Pen with fine round tips. Individual pen in white or a set containing 7 colours: Red, Light Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, Fuchsia.

  • Image of Flavour Marker in the shape of a flowerImage of Flavour Marker Starter Kit

    Flavour Marker

    18.4562.34 inc. VAT

    Starter kit with 25 black polyethylene terephthalate glycol Flavour Markers with a white liquid chalk pen. Bundle of 10 flower shaped black Flavour Markers.

  • Image of Gelato Tasting Spades

    Tasting Spade

    3.924.59 inc. VAT

    Both the 9.5 cm and the 13 cm compressed food grade cardboard gelato tasting spades are available in bundles of 100 pieces.

  • Image of 1500 cc Thermal Take Out TrayDiagram of the different sizes of takeout trays

    Thermal Take Out Tray

    8.0011.69 inc. VAT

    Bundles of 10 Thermal Take Out Trays in four different volumes in opaque white – 500 cc, 750 cc, 1000 cc and 1500 cc. Made of Food Grade Expanded Polystyrene.