Roma Peel

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The adonised GI-Metal Perforated Roma Peel is the perfect alternative to wooden peels, as it is lightweight, more hygienic and protected from oxidation.

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The GI-Metal Perforated Roma Peel is recommended to replace wooden peels, commonly used, as it is lightweight, solid, durable and the anodised aluminium is more hygienic. The neutral anodisation makes the surface of the peel unvarying, protecting it from oxidation, as well as ensuring its incomparable lightness.

The holes reduce the friction, and remove excess flour while at the same time reducing the weight of the peel.

The Roma peel is more stable and less subjected to folding, thanks to the special layout of the holes, ensuring to load the heaviest pies.


  • Lighter than solid version
  • More stability
  • Easy sliding
  • Long lasting
  • More hygienic than wood


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